Brothers Brooks Vision 2 Mission LLC

This "Rod-Bites" is filmed in historical Birmingham, AL where BBV2M discuss a couple of very good organization that are tending to the homeless in the city.

‚ÄčApril 2017

This "Rod-Bite" give a brief analysis of the awareness of seeing those who are homeless


This "Rod-Bite" give a brief explanation of The Millipede Effect and how Government, Church/Religion, Social/Civic Organization and Philanthropists work together to tend to the needs of the Homeless 

This "Rod-Bite" gives a brief explanation on why some individuals become homeless and some general perceptions of why some are people are homeless

"Rod-Bites" are small tidbits of information to inform the listeners on specific topics

ROD-BITES are small bites of information regarding the homeless, stranded and down & out

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