Meet Entrepreneur and Founder of Reed's Lemonade - Willie-Lionel Reed

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This is a series of chats with various Business, Civic and Religious leaders on how they define success, their passion for their work, key strategies for success in their organization and challenges that they see in the future for their organization and industry.


"I ran track at Mississippi State University from 2014 to the spring of 2018. After exhausting my NCAA athletic eligibility, I still wanted to stay active somehow. That summer, I wanted to do something more with my refund check than just spend it on clothes and shoes, so I challenged myself. I've always heard of self-made successful people, and how they started from nothing, so I wanted to see if I could do it myself. I started out by purchasing bottles off of Amazon, lemons from a local grocery store, and I was on my way. Many failed recipes later, here I am!! To this day, I am constantly  branching out, trying  new flavors to provide my customers with an experience like no other. Our current flavors are classic, strawberry, peach, and mango-guava. These are also going to change since I only use fruit that is fresh and in season. #REEDfreshing!!!"

A Conversation with ........

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