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Rhonda D. Brooks.

Executive Director

BBV2M LLC. Two Year Anniversary 5/17/2017

Letter From Executive Director

Rhonda Brooks

It has been another great year for us and we truly appreciates all of the support that we have received this past year.  We have had the privilege to work with some great organizations such as the Community Youth Eventsand assist some great organizations such as L.O.V.E.s Kitchen, Care Lodge, Chance Meridianand the Salvation Army. This past year with our "We Care Program" we have been able to assist an additional 300 individuals in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee.  We continued our "Holiday Gift Program"as well as our "Blanket and Socks Program (B&S Program)".  Continued great success with our "What If?" Program designed to empower our youth and drive them to success.  We launched a new website called W.I.?J.A -What If Just A,S.K. ( https.www.whatifjustask.com ) which is a social network designed to empower and uplift our youth. We have continued to be diligent in our non-profits efforts.  Our big news has been in the area of our creative writing with our first two additions of WE CARE NEWS (Informational Newsletter on the plight of the homeless) and a host of informational pamphlets which can be seen in our Books, Pamphlets and Publications section.  In the past year our President and Founder Rodney D. Brooks has had three (3) books published - The Book of Nicknames and The Millipede Effect both published by Authorhouse Publishing and What If? Just A.S.K.  (co-written with Co-Founder of the What If? Just A.S.K. Program Breanne Brooks) published by Outskirts Press Visit our website section Books by Author Rodney D. Brooks. ​or our Facebook page Brooks Books. We are looking to even more exciting things in the years to come.  OUR VISION IS TO BE THE BEST IN HELPING ALL PEOPLE EXCEL IN ALL ASPECTS OF LIFE!!! 

Thank You from BBV2M LLC

About Us

The heritage of the Brothers Brooks in not a story of rags to riches or some unique invention that was created by the group.  It is not a story where everything went great in their lives nor is it a story void of heartaches or tragedies.  It is a story of seven (7) young men who were given a foundation of faith and striving for excellence by being the best they can be in all aspects of life.  This faith and foundation was bestowed upon them by the patriarchs of the family - Willie Lee Brooks Sr. and Ben Edna (Parker) Brooks.  The journey began in their upbringing in the Church where they were taught the true meaning of being my brother's keeper, stewardship and maximizing your talents and then in the athletic arena of track field where they were taught the value of teamwork and competition which culminated in the education arena where each began to embark on their careers.  This heritage has now become the cornerstone of BBV2M which is born out of the inspiration of my six (6) siblings (Willie Brooks Jr., Maurice Brooks, Bobby Brooks, Charles Brooks, Veotis Brooks, Antonio Brooks) and two (2) uncles (John Parker and Benjamin Elvis Parker) who through the years have equipped me to be the person that I am today by imparting their various qualities and wisdom in me. Our collective experiences range from Leadership to Community Service, from Finance to Computer Technology, from Operations Management to Medical Assistance, from Human Resources to Military Service and from Architecture to  Ministry to Servitude in industries such as Banking, IT, Retail, Manufacturing, Aerospace, Medical, Utilities, and the Church. These experiences along with the various life lessons learned has inspired the creation of BBV2M LLC - Brothers Brooks Vision 2 Mission LLC.  This is About Us.

Our Vision is to be the best in helping all people excel in all aspects of life.  To achieve our vision we will be vigilant in our non-profit/community efforts, extraordinary in our writings, and timely in our consulting and merchandising!!! 

Rodney D. Brooks
President & Founder 

BBV2M -Brothers Brooks Vision 2 Mission LLC in Meridian -

A Heritage of Excellence in Helping Others


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