Brothers Brooks Vision 2 Mission LLC

We Do Speaking Engagements

We have over 30 years of Human Resources and Operations experience in several Fortune 100 and 500 Companies and over 50 years of working with and improving youth in the Private, Public and Religious sectors

What I? Just A.S.K. (Youth) Speaking Engagements at High Schools, Youth Centers, etc.

Panel Discussions on HR, Workforce Development, Church Organization and Social Consciousness 

Our Youth websites and app gives our youth vital information to help them enhance their careers, individual development, community aspirations and wholeness as an individual.  Click on the pics below to go the websites.

To utilize any of our services contact us at 601-701-8873 or utilize the contact form at the top of the page or you can email us at any of the below email addresses

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The future in Youth

Development and Empowerment

We want to help you achieve financial success trough following your dreams and your development

Professional Development

Author Speaking Engagements

Not only do we try to bring you the latest information to help you in your professional endeavors (click on the box above) but we offer service in:

  Career Counseling  (Professionals and Youth)

Resume Writing

Leadership Development

       Goal Achievements     (Professionals and Youth)

   Objective Setting

(Professionals and Youth)

        Value Creation


BBV2M Consulting Services ​​

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