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Brothers Brooks Vision 2 Mission LLC(BBV2M) and Community Youth Events (CYE) have teamed to bring greater awareness to our communities in regards to our missing children who may be runaways, involved in human trafficking or being exploited.  Our mission is to provide you with useful information and resources to help you be diligent and aware of the huge epidemic that is engulfing our youth. We believe that -


BBV2M LLC has launched its Park/Playground Awareness Program as part of its "A Life Saved is a Future Gained" campaign to bring awareness to the issue of Missing Children, Runaway Youth and Human Trafficking.  Key communication information is left in these areas that include pamphlets and wristbands to educate, inform and ensure our parents and youth understand this epidemic we face.

One of the worse feelings to have as a parent is to not know where your child is.  A sense of panic embroils us and this panic is combination of anger, frustration, and grief.  You child has a cell phone but does not answer.  Although you have repeatedly told your child to always answer the phone and to let you know where he or she is.  Two hours later your child walks in the house with not a care in the world.  Your heart is relieved but then the anger creeps in as you ask your child why they did not answer the phone or let you know where they were.  They give you a look of innocence and say I did not hear my phone or it was on silence or vibrate.  You lay down the law once again but did your child actually hear what you are saying.

As bad as the above scenario is it cannot compare to not hearing from your child for days, weeks, months or years and having no idea if they are ok, hurt or even worse - dead.  Thousands of parents are going through this scenario daily and even worse - thousands of children of various ages are living the horrific night mare as missing children, runaways or caught up in human trafficking.  We have to be vigilant when it comes to our youth.  It is a priority.  Here are a few things (not all) that should be a must in your vigilance:

1. Know Your Child - Don't assume things about your child.  Talk to them and ask probing questions. Understand their likes and dislikes.

2. Know their friends - Ask them who their friends are and get an understanding what their likes and dislikes are. 

3.  Watch your child's social media and phone activity.  Understanding their vulnerability is key and this is not about invading ones privacy

4. Know your child's patterns - From school or work or any other places.  It gives you a timeline in your head of where your child is.

5. Remember you were a child and how your mind worked.  How you wanted to or maybe you did explore the unknown things at that time of your youth that you were curious about.  Even though you may have had the best parents it probably did not stop you.  Since you know this from your own experience it should give you insight to your child.

6. Make sure your child knows your rules and expectations - To some this may not be popular but you are parents before you are a friend to your child.  Do not lose sight of that.

Being Vigilant To Head Off A Crisis

‚ÄčBy Rodney D. Brooks


Great impactful movie on the horrors of Missing & Exploited Children and Human Trafficking

 Former Cleveland Brown's Head Football Coach Hue Jackson and his wife establishes foundation to combat Human Trafficking

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