Rodney D. Brooks, co-founder of What If? Just A.S.K. and President and Founder of Brothers Brooks Vision 2 Mission LLC. Brooks has over 35 years of experience in Human Resources and Operations in several Fortune 100 and 500 companies. Rodney has been a Sunday school teacher for over 28 years and a church deacon for over 18 years.   Brooks has a unique style of writing which is educational and informative.  “My goal is to educate and inform my readers in a way that is thought provoking and challenges their critical thinking skills.  I love to learn and I hope my readers find in my different writings that they are able to learn from my writings and are able to apply the knowledge and execute on it.  I truly believe as the saying goes “A mind is a terrible thing to waste”. Brooks garners his experiences from his professional, personal and spiritual life.  “A strong family support group I have always had which includes my wife, children, parents, siblings and supportive friends.”  With six (6) published books and many more to come, Brooks believes his purpose of helping others is a great blessing.  Books can be purchased through Amazon and other major book retailers as well as through publishing houses Outskirts Press and Authorhouse Publishing.

Author Rodney D. Brooks

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Release Date Spring of 2020

The Wallaroos Series - The Adventure of Katie and Karl Wallaroo

By Rhonda D. Brooks and Rodney D. Brooks

Release Date Fall of 2021

Release Date Spring of 2021

Release Date Summer of 2021

Brothers Brooks Vision 2 Mission LLC

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