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What If? Just A.S.K. How Our Youth Can, Change, Improve, or Become an Influence in Those things They Desire

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The Book of Nicknames

What If I Want to Be a Christian?

Just A.S.K.

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The Book of Nicknames

​Some Are Simple and Some Unusual but They Are All Unique

What if Just A.S.K.

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The Millipede Effect My Quest to Understand and Help the Homeless, Stranded and Down and Out

New book release - "What If I Want to Be A Christian? Just A.S.K." We have an ambitious goal; we want to get our book out to 1 million youth.  Imagine a million of our youth either accepting Christ or getting a better understanding of Christ through the utilization of the tools and resources that God has given us. The book can be ordered at a discount rate through our publisher Outskirts Press in which the order of one book is discounted by 10% and 10 or more books discounted by 40% at a cost of $8.97 each

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The Millipede Effect

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What If I Want to Be a Christian? Just A.S.K.

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