Easter and Mother's Day 2017

This Christmas Holiday season BBV2M LLC provided hygiene donations to the Salvation Army but it also expanded its individual Christmas day gifts by delivering gifts to the Homeless that were on the streets on Christmas day in Jackson, Laurel and Meridian MS.

Christmas 2017

This Christmas Holiday season BBV2M LLC. provided Holiday Gifts to the Homeless through the Salvation Army and delivered  individuals gifts on Christmas day to the Homeless in Meridian MS and Jackson MS on were out on the streets.


This Thanksgiving BBV2M LLC. provided full Thanksgiving Meals for four (4) families within the city of Meridian, MS.  We are hopeful that these meals will be blessing to each of the families and that it allows them to have some hope and comfort during this holiday season.

BBV2M LLC donates breakfast foods L.O.V.E.s Kitchen in Meridian, MS for both Easter and Mother's Day Breakfast.  L.O.V.E.s Kitchen has been a pillar in the community of Meridian, MS and a blessing to those it serve.

BBV2M LLC donates Easter Baskets to Care Lodge to bring some normalcy to some of the women who are going through some tough times.  Care Lodge has been a place of hope, safety and security in the Lauderdale County Area for women who are going through domestic violence issues, homelessness or just needing a helping hand.

Thanksgiving 2017

BBV2M President & Founder Rodney D. Brooks Delivers gift package to the Salavation Army of Meridian, MS and prepares to deliver individual Gift Packages to the Homeless in Meridian, MS and Jackson, MS on Christmas Day.

Christmas 2016

The Holiday Gift Program is a our way of looking a providing some comfort and aid to those who may be without during the holiday.  Our Holiday focus will be as follows: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.  The gift may be in the form of wide variety things that we feel can be useful to the family: Food, Paying a bill, Gifts for the Kids, Gift Certificates, etc.

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