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15 Managers reveal the interview red flags that keep them from hiring someone

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Behavioral Based Interviews

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The job interview process is about you selling your personal brand to an organization and showing that organization how your personal brand matches the organization's needs in the areas of skills & abilities and values & behaviors.  You are also telling that organization that your brand is better and will create more value than any other brand (candidates) that the organization would be entertaining.   Now for some this will be something new since they have been taught to not brag on yourself and to talk about "we" in the process versus "I".   No one knows you better than you which means the interviewer(s) can only hear about you from you.  There is an "I" in team and it is called your role and contribution to the team.  

Your resume (cover letter) is one tool that you use to sell your brand.  The initial phone screen interview is another point in the process you are selling your brand.  Your social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) is another tool.  However the ultimate tool is you in the flesh.  How you dress, articulate your skills and abilities, and describe your values and behaviors are all key aspects in selling your brand to an organization.  Selling your brand also requires you to understand what your customer is seeking.  You need to have a thorough understanding of the organization and what it is seeking.  By selling your brand you want to help them understand the connection of your brand and their needs.  Remember the verification of  your brand comes through the interview questions and  follow up questions along with the background check which sometimes includes reference checks.

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Selling Your Personal Brand in the Interview Process

​by Rodney D. Brooks, SHRM-CP

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