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Salvation Army

Since the 1800 the Salvation Army has been providing help and ministry work to those who are in need.  This voluntary movement has blossomed into an international way of life for all those who seek to help and those who are seeking help.  In Meridian, MS the Salvation Army ( s staple in the community since the 1900s) runs a shelter for the homeless to help those who are weary physically and spiritually.  Over half of the funding (51%) for the Salvation Army comes through donation.  If you would like to support the many great things that Salvation Army is doing Nationally and Locally in your area; please go to their website at

In Meridian, MS

Salvation Army - Meridian, MS

120 6th Avenue South

Meridian, MS 39301


Key Stories and Events of Care, Hope, Success and Inspiration

L.O.V.E.'S Kitchen in Meridian, MS

Ronald Collier,  Executive Director 

 " My goal as Executive Director is to rebrand the agency as an organization that not only help people but, also create opportunities for those who want to become independently viable in their everyday life; to move the agency toward social entrepreneurship as we teach our consumers the principles of becoming self-sustaining . It is important that we teach individuals that opportunities for success are available through education, job training, stable employment, and hard work."

"Community Action changes people's lives, embodies the spirit of hope, improves communities, and makes America a better place to live. We care about the entire community, and we are dedicated to helping people help themselves and each other."

A Pillar of Kindness in Meridian, MS

L.O.V.E.'S Kitchen

When it comes to warmth, kindness and true Southern Hospitality; no one does it better than L.O.V.E..S (Lauderdale Outreach and Volunteer Effort Inc.) Kitchen and its Executive Director, Fannie Johnson.  L.O.V.E.'S Kitchen has been providing love and caring through its offering of hot meal to the homeless and anyone who is hungry for over three decades in Meridian, MS.  With an army of volunteers and businesses whose sole purpose is to share the blessing they have received to those who may be less fortune. Today we spotlight L.O.V.E,'s Kitchen and its great work If you would like to support L.O.V.E.'S Kitchen in its efforts, you can do so by contacting:

L.O.V.E.'S Kitchen

P.O. Box 562

80118th Ave

Meridian, MS 39302

Attention Fannie Johnson, Executive Director


Services Offered


​Care Lodge Domestic Violence Shelter, Inc.

Gateway Rescue Mission serves the physical and spiritual needs of the homeless. We do this by providing tasty, nutritious meals for the body, a clean bed for the night, and a message of hope in Jesus Christ for the soul.

We also offer programs for those seeking biblical life transformation.
At Gateway Rescue Mission, we preach the Good News of Jesus Christ to the poor. The Bible proclaims a message of release to those in captivity to drugs, alcohol and poverty; recovery of sight to the spiritually blind, freedom to those oppressed by mental illness; and the glorious hope that we live in the favorable year of the Lord.

Gateway Rescue Mission exists to offer life changing hope through the Gospel of Jesus Christ to homeless men, women, and children through programs to deliver food, shelter, counseling and discipleship.

Office Hours
Monday – Thursday
7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
7:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Gateway Rescue Mission
328 South Gallatin Street
Jackson, Ms 39203

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 3763
Jackson, MS  39207
Phone: 601-353-5864 Fax: 601-353-9468

See L.O.V.E.'s Kitchen Fannie Mae Johnson on Mid-day Meridian below.

Phone: (601) 483-4838  or (800) 898-0659
Fax:  (601) 486-4917
Executive Director
Ronald Collier

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Life skills with a side of kale: Helping homeless youth one salad at a time

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Mission Statement

Consistent with our belief in the value, worth and dignity of each person, Care Lodge seeks to eliminate domestic violence by providing victims, offenders and the community with appropriate, effective programs and services. Care Lodge continues to advocate for an environment free from domestic violence.

Please Contact Us

24 Hour Crisis Line



Care Lodge
1627 23rd Avenue
P.O. Box 5331
Meridian, MS 39302
601.482.8719 or fax to 601.482.8718


Directory of Grants for Single Mothers -Listed here are financial assistance programs that help single mothers with rent, utility bills, child care, education, medication, housing, medical bills, and mortgage, among others

Brothers Brooks Vision 2 Mission LLC

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