Brothers Brooks Vision 2 Mission LLC

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Community Youth Events (CYE) mission is to offer Meridian a “sigh” of relief by providing the youth of city monthly positive recreational events that promote morals and values for continued development into caring, productive, responsible adults in society.


The right
beliefsystem accelerates the best
effort, which drives the right attitude, that garners the ultimate respect that leads to abundantsuccess

 If would like to support please reach out to Sinnessa Wilburn at or at 601-685-2574

 Community Youth Events Group.


Community Youth Events

BBV2M LLC will be speaking on the What If? Just A.S.K. program on Saturday, July 21st at the Community Youth Event (CYE) in Meridian, MS. BBV2M LLC is also the sponsor of the event.*** The new What If? Just A.S.K. Toolkit App is now available on Google Plan and the Apple App Store .


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