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The Wallaroos is a series of short stories about the adventures of two Kangaroos (Sister - Katie and Brother – Karl written and created by Rhonda D. Brooks and Rodney D. Brooks (Daughter and Father Duo). The charming duo go on amazing adventures in their own town Kangarville, Kansas, where they learn through imagination, play, and creativity.  Some of the adventures range from counting, learning the days of the week, healthy eating, and meeting new friends, just to name a few.  Their adventurers are what we call a “Funventurous” time..


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Rhonda has the unique gift of helping people excel in their dreams; from toddlers to adults. Rhonda's experience in teaching, coaching and mentoring gives her a unique perspective in her writings.  As a key writer for the Wallaroos series, the unique writing styles of the books are born out of her experiences in working with youth and parents and their understandings and learning styles.


Executive Director and Co-Author and Co-Creator of The Wallaroos Rhonda D. Brooks

A Children's Story Series Collaboration between

Rhonda D. Brooks and Rodney D. Brooks


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