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What if you could change, improve, or become an influence in areas of your life that are important to you?  What if you could have a positive impact on people around you, while fulfilling your own goals?  What if you could apply a simple, effective tool to every situation, and have a better outcome?  Would you do it?  If someone asked you how to do it, could you tell them?  Just A.S.K. is the result of an eye opening, world changing collaboration between Breanne E. Brooks and her father Rodney D. Brooks.  This simple yet profound process allows individuals to begin asking the right questions, seeking the answers and utilizing resources.  Most of all, it encourages people to accurately assess and believe in their abilities. Just A.S.K. is a particular valuable tool to teach self-confidence and critical thinking skills to young people who are looking for reliable, practical guidance as they step out in the wider world. 

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What If? Just A.S.K.

Challenging, Empowering and Improving Our Youth

for the Future 

Brothers Brooks Vision 2 Mission LLC

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