What is Vison 2 Mission?

Timely: Occurring at a suitable time, seasonably, Opportuned, Well-timed.

Our Consulting in the areas of 1) Youth from toddlers to adolescents regarding the best most effective ways to teach and inspire learnings, 2) Businesses - Human Resources and Behavior Understanding,  3) Churches and Non-profits - Applying both Youth methodology and Business Methodology relating to its members and employees.

Our Merchandising will be designed to support our efforts in designing, promoting, and branding our vision in an effort to fulfill our vision.

Extraordinary: Beyond what is usual, ordinary or established.

Our Writings will be designed in manner that is new and refreshing.  Offering greater insight than the norm and challenging ones thinking in a way that support our vision.

Vigilant:Ever wake and alert

As we work doing Non-Profit work and partnering with others we want to make sure we understand the needs and keep  keen awareness our causes and efforts to ensure we are fulfilling our mission.

Our Mission: Vigilant in our Non-Profit, Extraordinary in our Writings and Timely in our Consulting and Merchandising

Best: Surpassing all others, Supreme Effort

Helping: To Give Assistance, To make easier

People: Humans making up a group or an assembly of humans linked by a common interest

Excel: To Eclipse, transcend, exceed

Life: The capacity for growth, To reproduce, functional activity and continual change

Our Vision: To be the best in helping all people excel in all aspects of Life

Those without vision are lost and those without action (mission) are just dreaming!!!!!

Rodney D. Brooks

Founder & President BBV2M LLC

At BBV2M LLC we believe it takes both vision and mission to be successful.  It is difficult to have one without the other.  A vision with no mission becomes a dream and mission with no vision becomes blind ambition to utter disappointment. The "vision 2 mission" part of our name is our acknowledgement that you can't have a true vision without some actionable mission to accomplish that vision.

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