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Welcome to BBV2M LLC (Brothers Brooks Vision 2 Mission LLC***New Videos now in our BBV2M-DS tab***Now available on our What If Just Ask Website called W.I.?J.A.-NNECT*** New book release by Author Rodney D. Brooks - "Threats" see details in Books by Author Rodney D. Brooks tab *** New What If? Just A.S.K. Tool Kit App now available in the Google Play Store and Apple Store see details on the What If? tab*** Volume 3 Issue 1 We Care News now availalbe in our BBV2M LLC Publication Tab *** New Youth Motivational Channel on Youtube called WIJA-vated. see details on the What If? tab *** New book audio excerpts now on Author Rodney D. Brooks tab "*** New Youth Motivation and Education Channel on Youtube launhed called W.I.J.A.-vated

Volume 3 Issue 2 of "We Care News" is now available. 

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“Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up".

Thomas A. Edison

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