​​BBV2M -Brothers Brooks Vision 2 Mission LLC 

BBV2M News

12/25/18 BBV2M delivered Christmas packages to the homeless, stranded and down & out
12/31/18 BBV2M launched new What If1/ Just A.S.K. Marketing picture.
1/11/19 ​BBV2M LLC What if? Just A.S.K. Co-Founders Rodney D. Brooks and Breanne E. Brooks were the keynote speakers at the 2019 MLK Honoring the Dream Opening Ceremony at Laurel High School in Laurel, MS.  The spoke on College preparation and the What IF? Just A.S.K. EEP program and its ties to the Dream 
2/8/19 What if? Just A.S.K. Co-Founder and Author Breanne E. Brooks spoke to the Laurel Middle School students on Bullying.
2/22/19  BBV2M LLC President and Co-Founder & Author of What If? Just A.S.K. spoke at the Kemper County High School student body regarding the What If? Just A.S.K. website
2/24/19 BBV2M LLC gives out its 1200th care package through its We Care Program - Caring for the Homeless
4/1/2019 BBV2M LLC launches new BBV2M - Development Series (DS) 
4/19/2019 BBV2M LLC delivers Easter Baskets to Care Lodge
5/5/2019 BBV2M LLC launches The Wallaroos' Facebook, Instagram and YouTube Channel
6/1/2019 BBV2M LLC does Cookies and Bubbles in the park for kids at Bonita Lake in Meridian, MS
7/1/2019  BBV2M LLC begins free resume critiques for the entire month of July.
8/1/2019 BBV2M LLC rolls out its first online magazine called "What If? Just A.S.K.  It is now available in the BBV2M LLC - Magazine tab.
8/21/2019 BBV2M LLC released its first book in The Wallaroos - Adventures of Katie & Karl Series called "The Box"
9/7 & 9/14 2019 BBV2M hands out bubbles and cookies in parks in Meridian, MS and Nashville, TN in concert with its release of the children's book "The Box"
9/17 & 9/24 2019 BBV2M Co-Author and Co-Creator of The Wallaroos, Rhonda Brooks, begin doing book readings at KinderCare and The Academy in Nashville, TN
10/6/2019 BBV2M LLC launches new wija-2bachristian YouTube Channel.
1/15/2020 BBV2M LLC makes major donation to the MLK Corporation in Laurel, MS
​1/13/2020 BBV2M LLC gives out its 1300th care package through its We Care Program - Caring for the Homeless

3/17/20 BBV2M Media launches RodTV-65 YouTube Channel
6/9/2020 BBV2M LLC makes financial donation to L.O.V.E.s kitchen
6/19/2020 BBV2M LLC files for trademark on The Wallaroos Youth Learning & Adventures with the United States Patent and Trade Office (USPTO)
​6/23/2020 BBV2M LLC donates facemask to the Laurel Public School District in Laurel, MS
6/30/2020 BBV2M LLC donates supplies and finances to CARE Lodge, Meridian, MS
7/6/2020 BBV2M LLC donates supplies and finances to United Way of Meridian, MS

9/8/2020 BBV2M LLC gives out its 1400th care package through its We Care Program

11/22/2020 BBV2M Media releases "Welcome to Jaliyah's World" on RodTV-65 and The Wallaroos Learning and Adventure

12/4/2020 BBV2M Media launches Entrepreneur's World - EW

1/1/2021 BBV2M LLC - The Wallaroos Learning & Adventure rolls out its new children's learning series called Face-it

2/20/21 BBV2M LLC today moved The Wallaroos Learning & Adventures into its own stand alone Company called "The Wallaroos Learning and Adventures LLC"

7/4/21  The Wallaroos Learning and Adventure launches Face It Children's story program Face Its Funventures

9/16/21  The Wallaroos Learning and Adventure LLC launches Treeventures of Wi Willow children's story program

​10/31/21 The Wallaroos Learning Adventure LLC lauches Meet The Swaffers childrens's story program

11/5/21 What if Just A.S.K. creates a stand alone social media for its EEP material

12/4/21 Rod-TV 65 lauches the "We Love Cars" series.

9/16/23 BBV2M LLC co-host CYE Event in Laurel, MS

11/16/23 JABRIN Creations LLC is launched.

12/23/23 BBV2M LLC along with JABRIN Creations LLC and The Wallaroos Learning and Adventures LLC add Esty as part of its distribution network