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Great tool for teaching Kindergarten to 3rd Grade kids about emotions. Face-IT is short-story series of booklet about a character named Face-IT who through his expressions goes on various learnings and adventures while having fun. His goal is to help you read and learn at a good pace and have fun.  In the first nine (9) books (Basic) Face-It teaches about the basic emotions of being Happy, Sad, Angry, Afraid, Jealous, Excited, Confused, Laughter and Disappointment.  FACE-IT Disc Kit and FACE-IT Character Kits are designed to support the Face It Funventures Emotions books in effort to help give a visual of each of the emotions.  Both are included.

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FACE IT Emotions Board Game

Books published by Author Rodney D. Brooks

The FACE It Board Game is a reinforcement mechanism that allows the children/participants to have a fun way of understanding their emotions.  The game supports the FACE It Books and Teaching Aids.  We call it the game of emotions that will keep you in motion.

Great tool for teaching Kindergarten to 3rd Grade kids about emotions. The Face It Super Emotions Kit supports the FACE It Book Series.  The Super kit includes the Disc Emotions, Character Emotions and the Emotions Placard along with the FACE It Emotions Bag,

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Let's FACE IT Kit

The Let's Face It kit allows you to create your own emotional. Face It Face You can mix and match the pieces to create one of the following emotions: Excitement, Jealousy, Laughter, Afraid, Sad, Confused, Happy or even create your own emotion. The kit supports the FACE It Books, Emotion Kit, Board Game and Activity Book.  The sturdy round wood face is durable, and it allows the child, teacher or parent to use it in a safe and friendly learning environment.

FACE IT Emotions Super Kit

FACE IT Emotions Books and Kit