Meet Entrepreneur David Latimer.  David is CEO of New Frontier Designs.  Everything at New Frontier begins and ends with David. From the Vision, to the Brand, to Architectural Design, Interior Design, Decoration/Staging, and the execution of it all in the Build, it all starts in his head and doesn’t come to life without him driving it every step of the way. Design is his first love, and he is completely self taught. He is deeply passionate about all the different components of New Frontier and is obsessive perfectionist who never compromises the quality or beauty of any project.

Facebook - @newfrontiertinyhomes 

Meet entrepreneur Angel Hobson, Founder and Creator of Angelic Kustomz. Established in 2017, Angelic Kustomz seeks to empower artists and enTRAPrenuers globally. Specializing in designing and bulk printing, Angelic Kustomz simply want to provide affordable prices to everyone. Everything is uniquely customized and designed!

​Facebook - @angelic.kustomz

Meet Entrepreneur  Willie Lionel Reed. Willie is the Founder and CEO  of Reed's Lemonade.  The goal of Reed's Lemonade is to provide fresh, natural, good tasting beverages without the use of preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors. They do this by only sourcing real fruit, squeezing their own lemons, and pairing that with pure cane sugar and purified water. Reed’s Lemonade specializes in all natural lemonade made from fresh fruit with NO preservatives. Flavors include Strawberry, Pineapple, Blueberry, and Classic


​Facebook - @ReedsLemonade

Meet Entrepreneur Leah J. Dean.  Leah is the Founder + CEO of Conduit International Ltd. a women’s leadership, professional & personal development company. 

Leah strives to help women discover and unleash their unique value by providing coaching, content, and connection experiences. 

For over 20 years, Leah has been a trusted coach and advisor to clients, colleagues, executives, leaders, and directors.  You can rely on Leah to help you navigate the challenges and opportunities you may face.

Nothing makes Leah happier than seeing her clients & tribes shift their mindset and gain the confidence and clarity to lead, connect, and level up in their personal and professional lives. 

​Leah JM Dean, author, confidence & mindset coach | Assemble the Tribe

​​Leah JM Dean, author, confidence & mindset coach | Assemble the Tribe

Facebook -  @leahjmdean

Instagram -  @leahjmdean

Twitter - @leahjmdean


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Meet Entrepreneur  Dr. Kim Warren Martin. Dr. Kim Warren Martin, is Creator and Lead Consultant at Reignite Her Light. She is a former engineer and an award-winning executive with a solid reputation in corporate diversity and inclusion. During the last 8 years of her 27-year corporate career, Dr. Kim Warren Martin ran a Global Women’s Initiative helping women get to the top of a Fortune 50 technology company. She held the belief that you can #HaveItAll as long as you’re the one who defines what “IT ALL” means to you. So Dr. Warren Martin decided to protire and bring this concept to life.


​Facebook - @reigniteherligh

​BBV2M -Brothers Brooks Vision 2 Mission LLC 

Meet entrepreneur Staci Gill, Owner and Operator of Giftarize and  Chef and Creator of "Dining with the Diva".  Giftarize is a business dedicated to creative vision that's unique to each customer and occasion. Decorative clothing, jewelry and creative gift for all occasions. When the details matter "Giftarize It! "  "Dining with Diva" is online recipe guide medium in which she shares her cooking moments and recipes with the everyday home cooks mostly in real time or playback for later. Recipes are also listed for use.  If you want to taste her irresistible dishes, well she also does catering. It is um um down home delicious.


​Facebook - @giftarize 
Instagram - @giftarize


​Facebook - @diningwiththediva

​Instagram - @diningwiththediva